J. Michael Norton,
ASA Certifide Instructor

My Sailing Resume

Objective: Sailing Instructor for hire, Skipper or Crew. ASA Certified Instructor.

To acquire Sailing Days to earn USCG Master Captain certification or to pilot for cruising or racing.


2014 OUPV & Master MMC commercial course (Boatwise Certified)

2013 Offshore ocean voyage. Pt Judith RI to Stuart, FL Navigator on Lollygag II (47 ft sloop)

2012-2013 Sailing Skipper

Skipper for Owner of “Candide”, a Sporer 30 racing vessel. Boston Harbor, MA

Skipper for Owner of “Fatty Cakes” a 36 ft Morgan cruising vessel, Admiral Hill Marina Chelsea, MA

2012 ASA 106 Advanced Coastal Cruising, Narragansett Sailing School, Barrington, RI

2013 ASA 106 Advanced Coastal Cruising, Lollygag II Ned Caswell Captain, Owner

1995-2013 Day Sailing, Sail Newport, Newport, RI

22 ft J Boat Day Sailor

1970-1972 USNA Sailing Squadron. Skipper NA4 Active

Sailing Instructor: ASA 201, 203, 204 & 205

2014 American Sailing Association Member & Certified Instructor

Member ID 2012001627

Day Sailing

n  Sail Newport, Member

n  J22 Class

Bare Boat Charter

2005 Private Charter Greenwich Bay Yatch Club, Greenwich, RI

n  Seven day charter on Flash Point a 42 ft Racing Sloop

n  Sailing from Greenwich Bay, Narragansett Bay, Jamestown to Block Island.

n  Successfully navigated in rain, fog, heavy wind: returned safely on time.

Owner, Skipper

1991-1994 Power Boat Greenwich Bay Marina, RI

n  Day cruising Narragansett Bay to Buzzards Bay & Islands, Block Island.

n  25’ inboard/outboard gasoline power boat

n  Familiar with small powerboat maintenance and Boat Systems.

Bare Boat Charter

1980 Private Charter Manchester Harbor, MA

n  Seven day charter, Sailing Massachusetts Bay and Buzzards Bay and Cape Ann

n  Successfully navigated in rain, heavy fog, strong wind: returned safely on time.
1995 Private Charter Greenwich Bay, RI

n  Seven day charter on 42 ft Flashpoint

Skipper U.S Naval Academy Sailing Squadron
1970-1972 U.S. Naval Academy Annapolis, MD

n  USN qualified to Command up to 50 ft Sailing Vessel with auxiliary diesel power.

n  Cockpit Crew Leader, Foredeck Captain

n  Skipper & Navigator

n  Racing Class D: 44’ Luders Yawl.

n  Day Cruising, Racing, Overnight and Extended Coastal Sailing in the Chesapeake Bay.


USNA Sailing Squadron


John Mollicone, Owner of Flashpoint

8 Greenbush Road

East Greenwich, RI 02818

W (401)433-2041 H (401)885-6936 M (401)663-6202


Rob Lawnsby, Owner, USCG Captain

Narragansett Sailing School
101 Narragansett Ave

Barrington, RI


Ned Caswell USCG Captain and Owner of Lollygag II

Point Judith Yatch Club

Rhode Island



1970–1973 U.S. Naval Academy Annapolis, MD

  • Oceanography & Meteorology Studies.

  • Ocean Navigation & Naval Engineering

    1974–1982 Bentley College Waltham, MA

  • B.S. Economics

  • A.S. Accounting

    1986 American College

    Charter Life Underwriter (CLU)

    1988 College for Financial Planning
    Certified Financial Planner (CFP)


    I am an experienced sailor originally trained at the United States Naval Academy.

    As a Sailing Squadron team member, I earned my US Navy qualification to command sailing vessels up to 50' in length. I spent one full sailing season as the skipper of “Active” a 44' Luders yawl and participated in the daily racing on the USNA Fleet of 12 Luders Yawls as well as non-military Class D races that included overnight racing and advanced coastal sailing.

    I am trained in cockpit crew, foredeck crew, spinnaker trimming, sail trim in any wind and course and I am an especially good helmsman.

    While in the Navy, I trained on shipboard living including bridge to bilge while crossing the Atlantic to three foreign ports. Submarine Conn, and Aviation Flight Training to round out my seamanship skills.

    I am willing to work as a team member and have an excellent sailor’s temperament. I will contribute to the workload and will contribute to accomplish the mission.

    I have matured gracefully and now enjoy sail plans and unplanned cruising forsaking performance goals for the crew and passenger comfort.

    Recently I have undertaken the ASA Curriculum to certify my sailing skills, sailing knowledge and Instructor qualification to teach cruising. I am especially interested in extended cruising opportunities.

    I am targeting my bucket list that includes extended cruising aboard my own boat to be acquired within one to two years.