J. Michael Norton for Selectman
Please excerise your right to vote!.  Election day is May 21 2013

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Holliston Town Hall

Saturday May 14 2012


Setting the Record Straight



Tuesday May 10 2011


Town Meeting is Concluded: What is in your Wallet?



May 9, 2011


Town of Holliston vs MA Attorney General


Oral arguments were presented to the States Appeals court by the Town of Holliston and the States Attorney General.  Holliston, according to the Attorney General, failed to make any meaningful argument in proving that the local town by laws were more important than the need for affordable housing in Holliston.  Both sides must wait for the three Judge Panel at the Appeals Court to rule on their findings.

Wednesday, April 13 2011


Holliston Reporter interviews the Candidate



Saturday, April 2, 2011

J. Michael Norton files papers and is a certified Candidate for Selectman


On Friday April 1 2011 I filed my nomination papers to run for the office of Selectman and Highway Surveyor.  The Town Clerk has certified my election nomination and now we begin the campaign to elect J. Michael Norton to the Holliston Selectmen.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


J. Michael Norton seeks Selectman's Seat

March 11 2011 Today I have yielded to my nearly lifelong goal of becoming a Selectman in my home town of Holliston MA.
Partly because I believe I can lead the Town in a more congruent direction without bringing my ego to the position and partly because I believe the Town is headed in a less than optimum direction. One that I would like to turn in a more positive economic direction.
I will seek election to the one year term for Selectmen not for lack of long term committment but for a trial by fire and to earn the long term position by earning the respect of my fellow Citizens